The Prince — (Short Story)

NOTE — I first wrote this back in my first year of University (2014/2015). It was just a little something to take to one of my workshops so I thought I would put it to some use and post it here.

Tommy sits on the floor and plays with all of his toys. The Knights come in and out, fighting off the Monsters that threaten to attack little Tommy. Sometimes the Monsters would get through though and Tommy wouldn’t be allowed to play for a little while. This happened quite frequently but when it did the Maidens would come in. They would sit with him, read stories and play little games. Every so often the Queen and even the King would come to see Tommy but when the Monsters attacked they weren’t allowed to stay for very long.

Tommy continues to play with his toys as the Knights and Maidens walk by his room in the castle tower. He watches them with intent as he happily and dramatically moves his toys around, creating voices for each of them. He’s so captivated in what he’s doing until a voice breaks through.

“What are you doing down there, Mister?”

As Tommy looks towards the Queen’s voice the illusion is shattered. Everything falls away and Tommy is no longer in the secret room of the castle’s tower. Instead, he is in a hospital room. The Queen – his mother – picks him up and sets him on the bed. She tucks him in a little and makes sure none of his wires or tubes are crossed. As a Knight walks in he turns into a Doctor and a couple of Maidens turn into nurses.

Tommy’s toys are picked from the ground and placed in his lap: a Queen, a King, a couple of Knights (one of them, Tommy’s favourite, has a white horse), three Maidens, and an army of Monsters. His parents had given them to Tommy when he had gotten sick. Now Tommy plays with them all the time. He can’t see his Monsters and he doesn’t really understand them (he’s only five you see) but he knows that he’s like the Prince from his stories and no matter how sick the Prince gets there’s always someone there for him.

— Danielle T. Murray